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“Your support enables us to keep the energy flowing.”


Nina Fusco

Breast-cancer survivor and New Healing Touch Buddy!


Dear supporter,

Thank you for helping me win the biggest battle I have ever faced.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy to save my life. Before and after the trauma of such an invasive surgery, my Healing Touch Buddies volunteer therapist was there to comfort me with her amazing energy work. She was incredible. I’m sure if I was by myself, I’d have felt cut off.

A donation to Healing Touch Buddies can train a volunteer to help a loved one with breast cancer.
I was in the hospital for three days, and my buddy was there every day. The whole uncertainty of it all…I didn’t know what was going to happen. I felt so much comfort from being in the program, I want to give back. I now am certified in Healing Touch and can’t wait to share my time, compassion and energy to make a difference.

By participating in the “Raise the Light” campaign, you can purchase a lantern that represents the flame of care and compassion.

When I entered the world of cancer, the world of loving, caring, understanding people, I said, ‘Why can’t everybody be like this?’ Please donate to Healing Touch Buddies. Many of us have been down this path, and you can help us support our sister with love and enable her to become a new and improved person.
“A Gift for Mom” honors the memory of a mother, grandmother, sister or friend who has been impacted by the disease.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Nina Fusco

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