Naomi Thomas


Healing Touch Buddies gently guides clients in discovering meaningful ways to keep their hearts open during a challenging chapter in their lives.

Faced with the prospect of a serious, life altering event, like a diagnosis of breast cancer, it’s common for a client to react by recoiling, retreating, restricting. In the moment, they cannot conceive of how enjoyment, pleasure or passion can exist in the same soul that is rocking on its very foundation. Each person is unique in their character, their way of coping. Some are hit harder and take things harder, no matter the circumstance. May feel a loss of control, a sense of diminished personal power over their situation.

But then, with grace, they report seeing or hearing or touching something in a new way, with deeper feeling and appreciation than ever before. They will t ell you, “A cardinal came to sing just for me this morning.” They experience the sunrise at the beach, their arms flung wide, face to the new day, breathing in like it was their first breath. Sitting down at the piano, their fingers glide over the ivory keys, their music transcendent, taking them to a higher experience of emotion and heightened levels of performance.

Naomi was one such client. She told us often how the sessions she received as a Healing Touch Buddies client helped her to keep her heart open to the people and things she loved, even in her decline and her passing. Naomi was a woman of high intellect, a lover of peace and social justice, and an accomplished pianist. It was in her memory that we dedicated the proceeds from our January 2012 Roberto Iarussi Concert.

Healing Touch Buddies, Inc. received a generous bequeath from Naomi Thomas who gifted our organization and another she shared a passion for music with – her local public television station. Naomi’s gift has funded her namesake endowment dedicated to providing ongoing training programs for Healing Touch Buddies so that more people can receive our care and comfort.

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