The care and support that our volunteer Buddies give is personal. It is reassuring, consistent and hands-on. 
The clients on the receiving end experience a profound gift. These relationships are deep and the gratitude is both rich and profuse. We like to say that Healing Touch Buddies steps in when a client says, “How do I get through this.”  We are there to offer energy therapy to reduce fatigue, nausea, anxiety, stress and other symptoms of both disease and treatment protocols, to offer care and comfort. We offer our hands and our hearts to support clients on their journey.



South Florida Fashion Designer

What I’ve enjoyed the most about my experience with this nonprofit is the calming treatment I received, help me relieve myself of stress and focus on my feelings and getting myself better. It was so wonderful to be able to receive the complimentary treatments since my medical costs were so high.


“[My Buddy] has helped me tremendously through the healing touch buddies program. I am grateful to her
for getting me through these trying moments.”  N.W.


The recovery is going well and [I] really appreciate all that HTB does. What an awesome organization … just love all the HTB practitioners that have come to my home to comfort and support me and my family…they are truly angels! P.C.


WhiteRosesmallHi, Betty Ann, this note is a long time coming. I want to be sure to thank you for all the visits of healing hands. They always had a positive effect of calming and the feeling of being in good hands to do good things. I acquired a better mind for what inner healing is all (well, maybe not all) about. I had more positive feelings of going forward and inner calming. Judy


“If this organization had 10 million bucks, it could change the world for the better. Healing Touch Buddies gives to each person, individually, what every person innately needs. A human need that unfortunately is not being met in all too many lives. If energy is love, and love is healing, it is here.”  Anonymous


Naomi Thomas

The Naomi Thomas Endowment Fund

We honor her touching testimonial to Healing Touch Buddies – she entrusted her continuation, to tend her light here beyond her passing…to insure that another woman, perhaps one alone and without support, might find comfort and compassion in our hands. Read Naomi’s Story

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